Armor-X Solar Flex Panel 5W

Με το αυτόνομο ηλιακό πάνελ Armor-X Solar Flex Panel 5W φόρτισε το Powerplus εκεί που δεν υπάρχει ρεύμα..

Technical data:

• Portable outdoor solar charger with weatherproof fabric bag
• Capacity rating: Pmax 5W
• Voltage at Pmax: VMPP 5.2V
• Current at Pmax: IMPP 1A
• Flexible CIGS solar panels with an efficiency of 16%
• Shade protected charging continues even when parts of the panel are in the shadow
• Rainproof design
• No built-in battery, environment-friendly
• Dimensions: 260 x 215 x 13 mm
• Weight: only 182g
• Charges a 2600mAh power bank form 0 to 100% in approx. 5 to 6 hours if the sun shines


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